Elegant Sit Down Dinner Catering in Winnipeg Beach

Whether we care to admit it or not, weddings, by their very nature, are quite traditional and customary events. Irrespective if you opt for a religious or civil ceremony, there are certain aspects of this special day that are filled with tradition. One of the most customary parts of any wedding is the classic sit-down dinner. For many Winnipeg Beach men and women, a wedding’s value is directly related to the quality of the food, and dining service that they receive during the sit-down dinner.

If you are in the process of planning a wedding and want to include an elegant, memorable and creative sit-down dinner as part of the big day, then there is only one number to call. With a wealth of catering experience, there is no wedding too big or too small for the skilled team at Denise et Jean-Louis Catering. Our bespoke menu is tailor-made by our master-chefs to cater to guests with all types of dietary requirement and ethical considerations. What’s more, the skill and experience of our event planners, bar staff, mixologists and professionally certified serving staff means that we can ensure that your wedding is unique and stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Four Course Excellence

At Denise et Jean-Louis Catering, our standard offering for weddings is four courses. This includes the appetizer course, followed up by the intermezzo, then there is the entrée and the meal is completed with a delicious dessert. All our meals come with complimentary tea and coffee options and our service also includes two bottles of wine per table.

In general, we offer three options for the appetizer, entrée and dessert courses and two for the intermezzo. However, like all aspects of our catering service, this can be tailored and amended to meet you and your guests needs. So, for instance if you wanted an additional course added or an extra choice, then that can be easily arranged. The benefit of the sit-down meal are tied to the fact that all guests receive their courses at the same time so there is no staggering or waiting around

Call the Catering Experts Winnipeg Beach Relies Upon

It goes without saying that every bride or groom to be wants their wedding to be the most special day of their lives. However, to ensure that this dream becomes a reality requires making the right decisions when it comes to the catering company that you hire. Cutting corners on something as important as the catering you offer your guests may seem like a good decision at the time but, trust us, it will prove to be a false economy in the long run. Other catering companies might talk the talk but Denise et Jean-Louis Catering walks the walk. Our commitment to catering excellence is unrivalled in Winnipeg Beach so call us today to learn more about our award-winning sit down dinner service. Trust us, you won’t regret it.